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Gear up for credit in January 2024 with the brand new purchase 1 Get 1 50% off offers and extraordinary BOGO50 Coupon Code. Make the maximum of your shopping experience with this restrained-time provide, making sure you get brilliant discounts on your preferred products. stay ahead of the sport by searching for the proper BOGO deal to release greater savings. Get geared up to shop smarter and experience the advantages of buy-one-get-one 50% off promotions using the Subway BOGO coupon code January 2024.

What Does Buy Subway One Get One 50% Mean?

Buy One Get One 50%, aka BOGO 50% or half price BOGO, means when you purchase one qualifying item, you get a second item of equal or lesser value for 50% off. It’s an incentive for customers to buy more in a single transaction.

Stores, including Subway, advertise these deals in weekly circulars, email promos, and directly on shelves. The offers encourage bigger basket sizes and moving surplus products. It’s a money saver for shoppers, essentially cutting prices in half if you were already planning to buy multiples.

Bogo50 Code

Stacking Buy One Get One 50% Deals

Savvy bargain hunters know how to supercharge BOGO50 promotions by stacking their savings:

  • Stack with Coupons – Many stores allow layering manufacturer coupons and Subway BOGO discounts. If an item is $10 at regular price and you have $1 off coupons, you would pay $9 per item. With a BOGO 50% offer, your totals are $10 – $1 coupon = $9 for the first $5 for the second (50% off) $14 total or $7 each with double savings!
  • Use Store Loyalty Cards – Grocery loyalty membership programs like Kroger Plus often have extra weekly BOGO deals in their exclusive savings. Add your phone number or use your loyalty card at checkout to get these.
  • Check for Rebates – Ibotta, SavingsStar, and grocery bonus programs frequently offer cash-back rebates on items currently promoted in BOGO50 or half-price sales. Submit your receipts to earn bonus rebates.
  • Buy Discounted Gift Cards – Stock up on discounted gift cards to stores where you shop often. Using a gift card instead of cash allows you to save twice by essentially getting the gift card discount combined with advertised sales.

When To Find Buy One Get One 50% Deals on Subway

Timing is everything when hunting BOGO bargains:

  • Holiday Weekends – Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day
  • Back to School – late July & August
  • Pre-Holiday deals – Starting in November for Christmas and Hanukkah
  • New Year Eat Healthier Promos – January

Where To Find Buy One Get One 50% Offers In January

Here are the best stores for scoring BOGO deals this month:

  • Sam’s Club – Meats, frozen fruit, granola bars
  • Costco – Cases of water & soft drinks, plastic cups
  • Michaels – Custom framing, Creatology craft kits
  • Joann Fabrics – Craft storage containers, quilting fabric
  • PetSmart – Dog & cat toys, pet beds
  • Bath & Body Works – 3 wick candles, shower gels & lotions
  • Advance Auto Parts – Oil changes, wiper blade replacements
  • CVS Pharmacy – FR3E vitamins & supplements
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
Bogo 50%

Maximize Savings With Buy One Get One 50%

Get the biggest bang for your buck when buying one get one half-priced by:

  • Sticking to necessities – only buy what you’d normally use to avoid waste and impulse purchases
  • Checking expiration or use-by dates – The second marked-down item may expire sooner so plan to use it first
  • Splitting up purchases – Buy deals in multiple transactions to maximize coupon and rebate limits
  • Freezing when possible – Extend the shelf life of extra produce, bread, and meats if you can’t eat it all right away
  • Focusing on higher priced items – You’ll save more buying BOGO on $8 yogurt versus $1 candy bars

Do Both Items Have To Be The Same?

Usually yes, Subway Coupon Code BOGO requires getting two identical products. However, sometimes the promotions allow mix-and-match flexibility between sizes (12 oz or 15 oz jars), flavors (strawberry or grape jelly), or other minor differences when supplies run low.

Can You Use Coupons On Both Items?

you can use one manufacturer coupon per item legally. Additional coupons make for huge savings when stacked with BOGO. Just follow individual coupon rules and limits.

Do Buy One Get One Free Offers Follow The Same Rules?

the mechanics work the same. BOGO Free simply makes one item 100% off instead of half-price. Stacking strategies remain the same.

Can You Split Buy One Get One Deals Into Separate Transactions?

Technically, yes, Subway allows you to work around limits. But it’s best not to abuse policies that could lead to revoked membership or coupon fraud accusations. Check Subway store fine print for specific guidelines and terms.

Is There Usually A Limit Amount You Can Buy? 

Often yes, BOGO deals have set quantity limits, typically 2-4 total items allowed per customer or promotion period. This helps retailers prevent losing too much profit from the deep discounts.

Buy One Get One 50% Shopping Tips

  • Load digital coupons in advance – Check apps and online coupon galleries so desired deals are already clipped and ready to use when you find BOGO50 in stores.
  • Keep an eye out year-round – Inventory excess and low sales happen every quarter, meaning you can find half-price bargains anytime. Sign up for store emails and monitor weekly ads.
  • Hold onto coupons – If you come across an amazing coupon for something you regularly buy, stash extras until the item goes on BOGO later.


Buy One Get One 50% offers provide a strategic opportunity to save big if shoppers stack savings properly. Keep an eye out for BOGO50 sales year-round and combine these deep discounts with coupons, loyalty programs, rebates, and gift cards for maximum value. Being an informed consumer by understanding store policies, doing the math, and focusing purchases on items you need allows you to take the most advantage of these “get something for half price” bargains when they roll around. Use these tips to keep more money in your wallet in 2024 

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